Monday, November 30, 2009

Go Cougs!

So these pictures are in order of most recent to last week. I'm too lazy to put them in the right order. Saturday was exciting. BYU won in overtime to Utah. 26-23. What a sweet game. I wasn't there for the game but I met up with everyone on the field. It was so crazy with all the people rushing the field. I can't believe that I went with the kids but it was fun. Coach Mendenhall presented all the seniors with blankets and we got to meet him. Well I've met him before but it was super special to be there for RJ. Emi gave him a McDouble and Coke lei and I made him a spam musubi and Cheetos lei. We saw some people eyeing down his leis. Moreso the McDouble since I'm sure not a lot of people knew what the musubis were.

The profile of the starting center for BYU.

At home before the game. Everyone's wearing BYU shirts.

Kalei eating pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. I had no idea he liked pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving was great. All the food was so good. Ilima made the turkey, mashed potatoes, and the rolls. Mom made a ham. I made the sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and the pies-banana cream, apple, and pumpkin. It was fun to be with all the family. Kainoa's parents came down for the last two BYU games. It was nice to have them here with us.

I love Kamalu showing his teeth in this picture.

The boys in matching shirts.

Kalei being his cute kolohe self.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Some funny pictures

So here's some pictures of the kids being their silly selves. Not much has been happening. I've been trying my best to eat healthier this week but I haven't had a whole lot of time to exercise. I was better with the exercising last week. Now I have to stop making excuses and be better so hopefully I can lose some weight.
What else? Hmmm....two words, NEW MOON! I decided on Monday that I was going to try and read the first two books again before the movie but I got distracted. It was Wednesday night and I was halfway through Twilight when I gave up and started reading New Moon. I wanted to finish it before the movie so I stayed up until 2 am this morning and I finished it. That's the fastest I've ever read a 500 page book.
We watched the 2pm show today. I'm not a hardcore fan so we didn't go to the midnight showing but I figured we should still go before it gets too crowded. We got to the theater at 12:30 and we were the second in line. Our showing wasn't too crowded. We took Kamalu with us while Shaun watched the other two kids. He was so good during the movie. Hardly made any noise unlike a little boy that sat right next to Kainoa with his parents. Anyway, the girl that stood in front of us in line said, "Oh, you have such a good husband." I know. I know. She tried to get her husband to come but he wouldn't. I was like the one of the very few that wore a Twilight shirt. The only reason I have one is because my in-laws gave it to me for my birthday. Anyway, I totally enjoyed the movie. It was awesome. It was all that it was hyped up to be. New Moon is my least favorite book out of the series so I wasn't sure how I would like the movie. I thought that they did a really good job fitting in so much of the book into the movie. There was action. Werewolves and vampires. The fighting scenes were great and Aro was freaky. That's all I'm going to say about that. Hope everyone that wants to see it can go.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday fun and Kamalu at 8 months

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm getting older. Not quite 30 but getting close. Kainoa made me breakfast. Then he picked up some pizzas for lunch during the football game. He got me flowers and the new Wii Fit Plus. My sister-in-law Emi and Kainoa's aunty came over to watch the game. BYU played Wyoming. 52-0. What a shut out. It was an awesome game. Everyone was on top of their game. RJ played well of course. And if anyone watched it, no, the false start was not on him but on #60.
After the game we tried out the Wii Fit Plus. The new games are so much fun. It gives you a pretty good workout.
Then we went to Old Navy. They had a great sale. 50% off all their outerwear. I also had a 30% off thing (stuff and save). I got a pretty styling coat for $25. I was so happy because I also found a pair of jeans that fit really good that I won't have to hem. It's so hard for me to find pants. Kainoa and I have the opposite problem. I can never find pants short enough and he can never pants long enough.
We ate dinner at Yamato's. It's a Japanese/Korean BBQ restaurant. I got shrimp and vegetable tempura and teriyaki beef. It was pretty good. We'll have to go back so I can get the curry. I tried some of Kainoa's aunty's and it was super 'ono. Then we went to the store and Kainoa got me a cookies and cream ice cream cake. That was super good too.
It was a great birthday. Thanks to everyone that helped make it a wonderful day.
Kamalu turned 8 months today. I can't believe that he's that old already. He's my roller. He doesn't crawl but rolls to everywhere he wants to go. That's a picture of him in our hallway. He loves to talk. Every morning he wakes us up with "Dadadada." He loves his baby food and eats it at least twice a day. He's super smiley. He loves his brother and sister even though they are sometimes rough with him. He doesn't like sleeping in his crib but he'll sleep on a fold-out Backyardigans couch that we put next to our bed. He loves to give drooly open mouth kisses. He's my little Asian baby. Well at least he looks more Japanese than the other two. We love our baby Kamalu!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ku'uliko's 4 and Halloween

So we had an eventful week last week. Ku'uliko turned 4 on the 26th. I made homemade pizzas and a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (that's what she asked for). We had RJ and Emi over.
Then Kainoa and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Thursday, the 29th. It's been 5 years. Wow! Even I can't believe it. 5 years, 3 kids later.....We didn't want to wait to have kids after we got married and Ku'uliko came along. I still remember our first anniversary. We got back from the hospital the day before. My mom cooked a steak dinner with all the fixings. We ate the top of our wedding cake which was still really good. We were staying with Kainoa's family at the time. His dad brought down their CD player and some music and Leimomi brought out some candles. And somehow Kainoa managed to get me some roses and a card. I didn't even get him anything. Or maybe I did. I don't even remember. This year he got me a deep fryer. It's a fancy one. Not the ideal gift for an anniversary but I like it. He likes it too. I got him some tall tees. We watched Couples Retreat with Kamalu. It was hilarious. Shaun watched Ku'uliko and Kalei. Then after our movie we dropped Kamalu off with RJ and Emi and went to Red Lobster for dinner. We just wanted a little time alone and Kamalu is going through that separation anxiety stage. Hopefully he'll get over it soon. It was a fun day.
Then on Saturday we went over to the Todds in American Fork. We had dinner there. Ilima made dinner in a pumpkin which is one of their traditions. It was really good. Then we went trick-or-treating together. It was fun to have the kids together. It was a little difficult walking with all those kids but it was worth it. Kalei walked for a little bit and then he rode in the stroller. I felt silly trick-or-treating with his Thomas the train bucket. Kainoa and I wore Michael Jordan jerseys. Of course it looked like a dress on me. RJ and Emi dressed up as jocks and wore their letterman jackets. It was a nice night. Kamalu was a little fussy because it was little chilly for him but he eventually fell asleep. Shaun stayed home to hand out candy and he said only 3 kids came by. I thought there would've been more. If they were smart, the kids would've raided our condos. It's a lot of homes in one place. More candy. Come on now. Oh well they missed out.
Well that's it for now. Until next time, a hui hou!