Friday, January 7, 2011

We're on the move

So if you haven't heard already, we're moving back to Hawai'i. We just decided last week and we'll be out of here before the end of the month. Kainoa has been under a lot of stress and decided that he wants to transfer to UH. So we'll be staying in Kahuku with his family until we find a place of our own. We've been selling all of our stuff on KSL (a popular classified website). We're trying to rent out our place. We had a showing last night and have another tonight. Hopefully we find someone soon. That's the only thing that's holding us back from leaving. My cousin Jared hooked us up with 4 buddy passes on Delta. We prayed about this and know that this is what we need to be doing at this time of our lives. I was a little doubtful about us leaving but everything has been falling into place.
We will miss the Todds, Kainoa's aunty, and all our friends that we made here. Even though we're sad to leave, we're getting excited to go back. I can't wait to get out of this weather. Our kids have been getting sick a lot. That's another reason why we can't wait to get out here. We'll probably be leaving in the next two weeks and definitely before the end of the month. Thanks to everyone that has helped us with this move.