Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I got a job!

Finally! I've been applying to different part-time jobs here and there but I haven't heard back from some of them until today. I applied to Motherhood at a mall that's pretty close to our house. That was about three weeks ago and I've been calling them back. It was pretty irritating. The manager finally called me back and offered me a position. I'm excited. It's only 10-15 hours a week but that's pretty much all I need. I'll be working the afternoon-night shift so Kainoa can watch the kids. Plus, a major plus, is that I'll get a discount on maternity clothes. Yeah! I don't even have any maternity clothes now. I sold them all before we moved to Maui. Anyway, I'm happy and excited.
As for Kainoa, he's been busy with school of course. He leaves pretty early in the morning. He's been coming home in the late afternoon and he'll finish his homework at home. It's nice to just have him here even if he's locked in his study.
So I went to the doctor two weeks ago because I was feeling dizzy and I kept throwing up everything I ate and drank. The doctor gave me some medicine for the nauseousness but it doesn't work that well. She said that the reason why I was dizzy was probably because I was dehydrated. She checked my uterus to see how the baby was growing. She said that I was a little further along than 10 weeks. So that would make me about 13 or 14 weeks now. I'll be due maybe mid March but they won't be sure until I get my ultrasound. I was able to hear the heartbeat and the baby is healthy so that was a big relief. I was able to feel the baby move today. It was exciting.
I guess that's it for now. I'll have to post some pictures next time. A hui hou!