Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Madness in the Willing home

Here's just some pictures of our family and our crazy house. Kamalu got a bubble blower for his birthday from the Sanchez's. The kids love it.
Ku'uliko driving a bus at the mall. Everytime she sees a bus she says, "Hey that's the bus that takes me to school." I'm not sure why she says that since she's never ridden a bus before.

Kamalu loves giving kisses.

Kamalu posing with his sister and Kalei was too busy eating his bread.

Kamalu blowing bubbles.

Kamalu loves eating rice. There's a piece on his eyelash.
Kanak attack

Wearing their Easter outfits since they won't be able to wear them next Sunday since there's General Conference. Don't you love Kalei's face?

What a handsome buggah.

Well not much to talk about. Kainoa's getting ready for finals so he's constantly studying. His first final is in 2 weeks and he won't finish until the 21st of April. I can't wait for it to be over. Then he only has one more year left. Yay!

This past Saturday we had to replace all of our brakes and rotors. I should've called my cousin and asked him to help but I know he's busy and didn't want to bother him. Let's just say that it was pretty pricey. We've been looking for jobs online and hopefully we can find something soon. I just want us to be able to make some money so we can pay off all of these expenses. I hate stressing about money. Hopefully this will all be over soon. I had a job interview today for a daycare assistant. I hope I get it. The pay isn't the greatest but at least I can have the kids there with me. It's a little far away but we'll see what happens.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kamalu's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Kamalu!
We celebrated Kamalu's birthday on the 13th at my sister-in-law's house in American Fork. My mom came earlier during the week and Kainoa's mom was here before that. It was nice to have them here and to have all our family and friends come. Of course there was 'ono food and the cake turned out great. I baked it and my mom decorated it. I wanted to help decorate it too but I was too busy cooking. Oh well, next time. And...it snowed! There was a snowstorm when he was blessed and we were joking about how Kamalu causes it to snow.
Liko helped Kamalu blow out the candles.
He wasn't as interested in the cake this time around. He took a nap up until this point of the party.
Liko and his cousins helped him open his presents. Thank you to everyone that came. It was a fun party and Kamalu enjoyed it.
Not a very flattering picture of Ku'uliko but it sure is funny.
Kainoa's brother RJ and his wife Emi and their daughter Moani moved to Oklahoma a couple days before the party. They have helped us so much since we've moved here and made Utah feel more like home. RJ got a job there so that's why they left. It was really sad but we're happy for them. Emi is the sister I never had and I'm going to miss having them so close. We miss them a lot and hopefully we can make a drive down there sometime soon.
Our family has been sick and I feel bad for my mom and mother-in-law who probably got sick from us. We took Kamalu to the ER because he was wheezing one night. Turns out it was croup and he's doing so much better. Ku'uliko and Kalei have colds and so did I. Kainoa is getting sick now too. The kids are not coughing as much as they were before, thank goodness. I think I got sick because I wasn't getting enough sleep since I was taking care of the kids. I'm feeling a whole lot better, just a little congested. I cannot wait to have us all healthy again.
My mom left this past Wednesday and Kainoa's mom left yesterday. Now we're alone. Not alone but it was sad to see them go. I hope that they can come back soon. Well at least I know that they'll be here in a year when Kainoa graduates. Hopefully someone can come before that. I miss home and wish I could go back but that's not possible right now. I'm hoping Kainoa can get a job in Hawaii after he graduates so we can move back. I'm crossing my fingers.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Kamalu!

Monday March 8th was Kamalu's birthday. We're going to celebrate it with all the family and friends tomorrow but I figured Kamalu should get some cake on his actual birthday. His sister and brother helped blow out the candles (one for good luck).
He thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is my favorite picture. I have a better one on my phone but he just loved using the spoon. I've never really seen him eat with a spoon. He usually just plays with it but this time he put it to use.

He kept wiping the frosting off on the high chair.

This was the end result. I shouldn't have given him a bath before this. What was I thinking? I gave him another one and found frosting up his nose. He had his fun though.

Before eating cake. I noticed that I don't have too many pictures of myself with Kamalu. Not the best picture but it'll do.

And I don't have too many of Kamalu and Kainoa but this is the pose that Kainoa chose.

He had an appointment earlier that day and received 4 shots. One on each arm and leg. Poor guy. He knocked out on the ride home from the doctor's. He's 20 lbs. 14 oz. and the dumb nurse measured him wrong. According to her measurement he shrunk a half inch. I forgot to ask them to measure him again but wouldn't that just be assumed that you would do such a thing. Lame. At 9 months he was 29 inches. We'll see what he's at next time we go in for a check up in 3 months.
Kalei was looking at the Toys R Us ad because there was a picture of Thomas the train in it. He fell asleep reading it.

The Willing brothers