Sunday, November 27, 2011

Willing update

So of course I haven't posted anything new on this thing in ages. Here's some things that have happened to us. Here's the kids in front of the house with their Tutu and their cousin Kaitlyn. Liko was Draculaura, a Monster High character. She doesn't really what Monster High and I don't either. Her cousin Kaitlyn is really into it and wanted Liko to dress up like her. Kalei was a pirate and Kamalu was supposed to be one too. He was kind of sick and we managed to change him into his army pajamas. The kids had fun treat-or-treating and Mommy and Daddy raided their goods.
At the beginning of November, I celebrated my 30th birthday. Yup, I'm 30. I feel old but at least I feel that I have accomplished a lot in my 30 years. I'm married and have 3 kids and almost 4. I've been a crew member on the sailing double-hulled canoe Iosepa, served a mission in a third world country, been married to my sweetie Kainoa for 7 years, survived 27 hours of labor with Ku'uliko, 16 with Kalei, and a c-section with Kamalu. It's been a great 30 years with it's ups and downs.

Ku'uliko was a Super Raider (Good Citizen) for the month of October. They had an assembly at school to recognize her and the other Super Raiders this month. She was so happy and we were so proud of her. She's all sweaty in this picture because their assembly was outside. It was a super hot day.

Our kids are sometimes pretty crazy. Here is Kamalu showing his true colors.

At first Kamalu came upstairs the other night wanting to put on Kalei's backpack. He said he wanted to go to school like Kalei. Then next thing you know, all three kids were dressed up and pretending they were going to school too. I just love when they have fun playing together.

Thanksgiving was a good day. We had lots of food, the traditional stuff-turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, salad, rolls, and pumpkin and apple pie. I made the mashed potatoes, rolls, and apple pie. I love apple pie with vanilla ice cream. My weirdo husband will only eat it with chocolate ice cream. I thoroughly enjoyed all the food.

That night my sister-in-law Leimomi and I went to Windward Mall for some Black Friday shopping. I went to Macy's first and scored some deals on toys and clothes. Then we headed to Toys R Us and got more toys. Then to Children's Place and got more deals on clothes. We got back at about 3:30 am. Then I went back out to Windward Mall at around 9 am to Sears and the rest of the mall since it didn't open at midnight.

Then we went to the Windward Mall again yesterday to take the kids to watch Happy Feet. They loved it of course. It was actually a really cute movie. We also went shopping again. In our Willing extended family we picked names. We did our shopping for that yesterday. I think I'm pretty much done with all my shopping now I just have to wrap and send out everything.

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving weekend. I love the Christmas season. This year won't be a white Christmas here. Liko was a little sad about that. I am too but I'm happy to be in sunny weather. Until next time, a hui hou!