Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outdoor fun

Last week we went to Heritage Park in Springville and had a picnic. The kids had so much fun playing on the playground. We've always passed by the park but this was our first time there. There's the playground and a nice covered pavilion. It was still a little chilly even though the sun was out.
There's this little bridge that goes across a creek but the creek was dried up. Liko wanted to take a picture here. Here she is posing with her cookie in her hand.

Then we fed the animals at a farm right by our house. They have some pretty cool animals. Here are the yaks. They kept fighting over the food.
They have llamas and alpacas.

The kids enjoyed feeding the animals. Well this goat kept stealing all the lettuce from all the other animals. He kept ramming into them. So mean.

On Saturday we went to their cousins' house. We went swimming. The kids had a blast. Kamalu was screaming at first but then he got used to it and didn't want to get out.
Kalei's floaties weren't working too well for him so we borrowed a vest. He looked kind of funny but he was having fun.
We slept over that night and went to church with them on Mother's Day. Kainoa and Emma made breakfast for us. Then Kainoa grilled some kalbi short ribs and hot dogs for dinner and I made potato mac salad. That was all I cooked that day. It was nice to be able to relax for a little bit. We also had an ice cream cake from Aunty Heather.
Luckily I didn't gain any weight from the weekend. I did the workout Insanity last week. It was the plyometrics workout and I was dying. I only did it once last week because my muscles were so sore afterwards. I ended up doing another workout DVD I have and went jogging for the rest of the week. I did the Insanity yesterday and today and yay, I'm not as sore. Shaun says if I keep it up, I'll see results pretty quickly. I hope so. It's a 60 day program so we'll see how it goes. Kainoa has also started working out this week. He has a schedule all worked out.
I haven't started working yet. I'm getting a little frustrated but I checked up with it. I'm hired but I still have to wait. Bank of America is trying to find a place to have the training. The lady that hired me asked if I would like to do some other work in the meantime. I said, "Of course." So hopefully something works out. Kainoa's been applying to some jobs and I'm going to keep looking.