Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We're still alive

Hey everyone. Sorry no pictures this time since I'm lazy. Yes, we're still alive. I've been so busy with work. It's been kind of crazy. I'm putting in about 40 hours a week. I enjoy the people I work with and I get to practice my Spanish. It's been improving. It's kind of sad the situations that these people are in. We take calls for Bank of America for people that are going into foreclosure and are trying to modify their home loan. A lot of people get upset and are desperate because they want to stay in their home.
It's been a little difficult being away from the kiddies and Kainoa. Kainoa has been such a great stay at home dad. He's been doing all the cleaning and everything. During my first week, he had changed up the furniture so everyday I would come home and the house was different. I feel bad that when I come home I pretty much put the kids to bed. They still run to me when I walk in the door and yell, "Mommy, you're home. We missed you." Last week I fell asleep crying because it was a little frustrating being at work and not being at home. I think I feeling better this week. I know that I'm away from home because I have to be. It's still a little hard to accept but it's for the best right now.
That's about it now. I'll post some pictures soon since it'll be Kalei's birthday next week. He's turning 3. I still can't believe it.