Monday, December 7, 2009

My little werewolf

Here's my little werewolf with his six pack and sharp teeth. I was changing his clothes and decided to take some pictures of him like this. He looks so tall.

Ku'uliko is always wanting me to take pictures of her and Kamalu.

Kalei pushing Kamalu's hand away.

My karate kids.

He looked super handsome in this new outfit from my mom but he didn't want to take a picture.

He loves putting hats and beanies on by himself.
This past week has been pretty good. Nothing too exciting. Kainoa has been studying for his finals. He has his first one on Wednesday and his last one next Wednesday. I can't another semester is coming to an end already. Yay!
So we found out yesterday that BYU is going to the Vegas Bowl. Kainoa's mom, sister Leimomi and Kaitlyn will be coming. We're kind of bummed that his dad won't be making it but at least most of the family will be together for Christmas. We're excited for everybody to be together.
It's been snowing. It started snowing Saturday and hasn't really stopped. We woke up yesterday morning and there were inches of snow on the ground. It was so pretty and sparkly. I wanted to go and play in it but didn't. I'm looking forward to playing in the snow this year. I didn't really get to go sledding last year because I was pregnant with Kamalu. Should be fun this year.
That's it for us this week. Take care.