Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I got a job!

We had a dinner at our house to celebrate my cousin Melia graduating from BYU. Her parents, her friend Jhordan, my uncle Gordon and cousins Jared and Jordon came.
It was a nice get together and we enjoyed having people over. Kainoa finished his last final the day before so it was nice to have something with the family. To celebrate him finishing finals, his aunty took us out to dinner at Yamato's. It's a Japanese Korean place. It was so nice just to sit and eat a dinner that I didn't have to make. I was able to relax and the kids actually behaved really well. Kainoa ordered the deluxe bento. It came with so much food. It was so 'ono.

Kainoa wanted to take a picture of me like this. I didn't realize my hair looked this. He said I look like a real Utahan in this picture. I had a clip in my hair and I guess my hair was pushed up because of how I was sitting.

We were watching the NBA playoffs and this is how Kamalu was watching it. Too funny.
Yes, I got a job. I'm so excited. I hopefully start next week. I'll be a bilingual customer service representative for Bank of America. I'm actually employed by this employment service in Provo. They get hired by other companies to hire their employees. It's full time and I get benefits. I'm going to work up until Kainoa goes back to school in August. Hopefully I can keep working while he's in school. They said that they're more flexible with bilingual employees' hours so I'm crossing my fingers. The pay is pretty good for over here. At least I'll be getting paid more than my last job. I hope my Spanish isn't too rusty. They said the calls will be easy. I'm so excited. We definitely need the income and Kainoa might get a job too. We'll see. Thanks to everyone for all the support. I really appreciate it. Especially to Kainoa. He really helped me believe in myself when I went in for the interviews I've had. I get so nervous but he coached me through the questions that they would ask. Thanks Honey!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mochi and flying kites

So my friend Becca mentioned on facebook that she ate some of my mom's mochi on Girls' Day and since then I've been wanting to eat some. My mom always made mochi for Girls' Day and Boys' Day and other occassions. It was always way better than the store bought kind. So I asked her for her recipe and bought the ingredients yesterday. I couldn't wait to make it so I did it today. This is the tri-colored kind. It took a while to make because you have to bake each layer for 15 minutes but it was so worth it.


So it was nice and sunny today so I took the kids out for a picnic. I had made spam musubi for Kainoa to take to school (yes, he went to study at school on a Saturday). I packed the musubis up and some other stuff and layed out a blanket on the field behind our house. I brought out some bubbles and Liko and Kalei had so much fun. After we came in, Liko kept saying how much fun she had and hoped we could go back outside again. So I told her if there was enough wind we could fly their kites. This is a picture of her and her neighbor friend Cassidy flying her kite.

Here's Kalei flying his kite. He had just woke up from a nap but was ready to go. Kainoa put these slippers on him (Liko's old ones). He was struggling to walk with them on which only made us laugh harder. He kept letting go of the handle. Of course I had to chase after his kite so it wouldn't fly away.

Here are their kites-Yo Gabba Gabba and Ariel. They were only a dollar at Walmart.

I love how Kalei is concentrating so hard and Liko's not.
I was glad to get some sun today but now I'm pooped. I've been better this week at working out. I know I haven't posted anything about the weight loss thing in a while. Probably because I haven't lost that much more weight. I haven't been good with the whole diet thing but I really stepped it up this week with exercising. I did the Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga DVD. It kicked my butt but I lost a pound this week. Yay! I'm trying to get back on track. I have gone down a size(almost two) in my pants since I started working out so I'm happy about that. Hopefully I can report back with good results soon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun at the park

It kind of sort of warmed up. The weather is warm one day then rainy or cold the next. I'm getting tired of it changing so much. Hopefully it'll stay warm soon. On this particular day it was pretty nice so we walked to the park. Well Ku'uliko and I walked and the boys rode in the stroller. Liko was getting tired on the way back so stuck her on the handlebar and carried her.

They had so much fun on the swings.

Kamalu pulling himself up to watch TV. Yes he's still wearing his Christmas pajamas. They still fit so they're still used.
I put Kalei's hair in a ponytail one night just to see what it would look like. Pretty funny. You can't see it too well in this picture.

Here are the kids dancing to a song on this new song on Nickelodeon "Team Umizoomi." They love this show and I'm glad because they learn a lot of mathematical skills.

Not much going on here. Kainoa is almost done with his second year. He just finished taking two finals and has two more next week. I'm so happy that he's almost done.

We're both looking for jobs. I've applied to different places. I had an interview with a daycare place but that didn't work out. I just got a call back from a position where I could work from home calling people about fire safety classes. Sounds good to me. Hopefully they call me back with more details.

That's all for now. Until next time.....

Saturday, April 10, 2010


We spent the night before Easter at the Todds. The kids colored eggs and made rice krispie chocolate dipped eggs. Here's Ku'uliko and her cousin Hailey.

Kalei kept saying, "Egg. Blue." He had fun dying the eggs.

Here's Ku'uliko on Easter morning.
Kalei looking at his Yo Gabba Gabba kite. I love his face in this picture. He was so excited.
Kamalu was so busy playing with his bendable Easter bunny. He ignored all the other goodies.

So this past week was crazy. My Aunty Pearl, Uncle Gordon, and cousins came down for Conference. I went to the mall to meet up with them on Thursday. Ashley told Liko that she had a surprise for her. I was thinking that it was probably a toy or something. Then when was about to pay for the kids' lunch my mom came up behind me and offered to pay for it. I was so surprised. It was so unexpected. Aunty Pearl offered her a buddy pass thanks to my cousin Jared that works for Delta. She stayed until this past Tuesday. Thank you Furtados for the best surprise ever. It was nice to have my mom here for a little while. I know she wants to come back already and I told her that she has to bring my dad next time. While she was here I drove up to Park City with my cousin Melia. It was my first time to Park City. The outlets were great. We were hit by a chunk of snow that was fell from the roof of a store. Jared just laughed at us, along with all the people passing by. It was funny but it hurt. Then when we were at Old Navy a girl approached us about having Liko do commercials and stuff. She gave us her card. They actually called the other day but I told them I better wait on the audition until Kainoa was done with finals or when Melia can come with me (they approached her too). We'll see what happens.
Kamalu is finally standing up and cruising around. It took him a while but it looks like he's getting more comfortable with that and hopefully will be taking his first steps soon. He's 13 months now. I think Kalei started walking around this time and Ku'uliko took her time. He's eating more table foods and loves teddy grahams, beans, rice, vienna sausage, and macaroni and cheese. He's still drinking formula from a bottle and doesn't like whole milk yet. Hopefully he'll start drinking it soon. My other two don't drink milk. Liko will take it in her cereal and chocolate milk and cocoa but Kalei refuses to drink it. No wonder they're so small.
That's it for now. Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and the General Conference weekend.