Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Holy Shnykees (sp?) is right. I've been such a slacker with my blog. Not even sure if anyone reads it but I'm doing this to pretty much keep my journal going. How do I blog about the last 4 months without writing a novel? I figured I'd just blog about it through pictures. So here it goes......

Here's Kalei and Kamalu on their favorite ride at Windward Mall. Other than the mini train ride they have going around the mall. This one costs 50 or 75 cents for the two of them whereas the other one cost $3 a person. We're at Windward Mall pretty much every weekend. We can't stay on this side of the island all week long. They know us well at Maruki-tei since Kainoa loves the teri beef plate there and the rest of their food is super 'ono.

Here's my little character Kamalu. Doesn't he look like one of the characters from Fat Albert? He's my little singer except sometimes his singing is way too loud and it doesn't matter where he is. He just belts it out. This is Ku'uliko on her first day of school. She went from only going to preschool in Utah to attending Kahuku Elementary as a junior kindergartener. She knew her letters and most of their sounds before but now she's full on reading. She's been working so hard and doing so well. She's only been in school since the beginning of February. She was a Super Raider (like good citizen) last month. She'll be skipping kindergarten and moving onto 1st grade next year. We're so proud of her and all that she's accomplished.

Here's the kids enjoying the sun and the pool.

Kamalu celebrated his 2nd birthday on March 8th. We celebrated it here with just the family and then celebrated it again with his cousin Sophia in Maui.

We went to Maui at the end of March and Kalei got a haircut from Grandpa. He stayed still for most of the time. He got a little inpatient at the end.

The kids went Easter egg hunting on Easter morning. They enjoyed it so much. Don't you just love Kamalu's outfit. He's been only wanted to wear his t-shirt and diaper around the house and hates changing out of his pajamas into what Liko calls "dayclothes." He screams and won't take his pajama shirt off. At least he changes when he bathes.

Here's Ku'uliko and Kaitlyn in their pretty Easter dresses. Kamalu just had to get in the picture. He wouldn't move.

Here we are on Mother's Day. It was the rainiest day ever. We were soaking wet at church. I straightened my hair for nothing. Oh well.

This is Ku'uliko and Kaitlyn on the morning of their big May Day performance.

Ku'uliko was a cheerleader. We had to pay $20 for her costume but at least she gets to keep everything.

Sorry if I'm a little biased but the kindergarteners were the best. They did an 80's theme. Someone built a delorian and they had two boys dressed up at Doc Brown and Marty from Back to the Future. They went back to 1985. Half of the girls did Lisa Lisa's "Lost in Emotion" and then Liko and the rest of the girls did "Hey Mickey." I didn't even know they were doing that song. Then the boys performed a number from Beat Street. Then they performed Thriller all together. Liko was amazing. I didn't know she was such a performer. She knew all her moves and was on cue for everything. We were so proud of her. I'm so glad my mom was able to come and all the rest of the family.

Here she is with her zombie/vampire teeth.

After May Day, we went to Windward Mall and had lunch. Then we stopped at Papa's grave. It was his birthday. That's Kalei's namesake. It was nice to visit him.

And that's our life in a huge nutshell. Until next time, which hopefully won't be too long from now...a hui hou!