Sunday, January 29, 2012

2nd post of the year

I found Kalei like this one night. He was so tired he fell asleep on the stairs.
This is on New Year's Eve. Liko was having fun with some poppers.

The two girls were throwing them all over the sidewalk.

I just thought it was a funny pose for him. He's totally knocked out.

I cut Kalei's hair last week. It was getting pretty long. My dad has been the only one that's cut his hair. I couldn't wait for us to go to Maui or for him to come here so I did it. It turned out pretty good.

Kamalu wanted me to take a picture of him since I was taking a picture of Kalei.

Kamalu likes to pose for the camera. He's got some pretty funny poses.

This month has been pretty busy with school and everything. I've been getting a good amount of subbing jobs. Starting tomorrow, I'll substitute teaching everyday until the 15th of February. Then I pretty much am calling it quits. I'm just hoping that I'll make it until then. If I don't, then that's okay. I just want to make as much money as I can before the baby comes. My c-section is scheduled for February 28th. I'm hoping that I have her before that. I've already been having contractions. I'm trying to wait them out so we don't have any false alarms. I'll be 36 weeks or full term next week Tuesday. She can come anytime after that. Hopefully my next post will be of her and some pics.

Kainoa is on the job hunt. He's applied to several different universities to be the NCAA Compliance Coordinator. One of those universities is BYUH. It's a new position for them since they never had a coordinator before but luckily Kainoa did an externship there. He has an interview tomorrow. If he gets this job, then that means we can continue to live here in Hawaii. That would be nice. He's applied to UVU so if he gets that, then it's back to Utah. I actually don't mind where we end up, as long as we can have a place of our own. We're crossing our fingers and saying our prayers that everything will work out.

Ku'uliko just finished 2nd quarter as a 1st grader. She's excelling in her mathematical skills and her reading skills. Sometimes Kainoa and I are surprised at the words she knows. Like the other day, she was eating a cinnamon roll and she said it was delectable. Funny kid.

Kalei is enjoying school as usual. He's learning a lot and everyday he amazes us at the things he knows. Kamalu is talking a whole lot more. More like singing all the time. That kid is sometimes too loud. Oh well. Now I have to watch my mouth around him. One morning we were sitting next to each other eating breakfast. I did something and said, "Oh crap." He looked at me and asked, "Mommy, what is crap?" I had to stop myself from laughing. I told him to not say that word and that it wasn't good. He pointed to my breakfast and said, "That not good?" I told Kainoa and he started cracking up.

That's about it for us.

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ilima said...

Kalei is so sleepy. The kids are so cute. Good luck on the job hunt. And hang in there Miki, baby will be here in no time.